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80 Gallon Stainless Steel Drums 300 L Tight head Rolled Angles

80 Gallon Stainless Steel Drums 300 L Closed Top Rolled Angles


Inovaweld item # : WB300S46F7TBXX0-XX
Model : Tight head (seamless)
Volume : 66 gallons imp. / 80 gallons US / 300 Litres
Raw material : Stainless steel SS304, 2B finish, 16 gauge (1,5 mm)
Technology : Robotic laser welding
Opening position : 2” Centered on the body
Fitting/bung : 2’’ Tri-Closure SS304
Closure plug : 2’’ Tri-closure wing clamp, Cap and seal (EPDM)
Rolling hoops : Bilge
Weight : 96 Lbs / 43.5 kg
Outside height : 41.13’’/ 1044.5 mm
Outside diameter : 26.4’’ / 669.7 mm
Inside height : 40.7’’/ 1033 mm
Inside diameter : At the end 22.5’’/ 571.5 mm           Center 25.5’’/ 647.7 mm


Product description

These Stainless steel drums, designed to resemble oak barrels, have a capacity of 80 gallons or 300 liters, feature tight heads, and are reinforced with rolled angles.

These barrels are stackable in standard rack systems and their strength is further enhanced with flat bars, making them capable of supporting up to 6 barrel stages.

Our comprehensive collection of barrels offers a range of options to meet your wine production needs and help differentiate your products with a unique touch.

With a wide distribution network, we serve the wine industry globally, and we invite you to contact us to learn about our partners who can provide our products year-round, in any desired quantity.

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